Different survivors have different concepts of recovery

     Some say we can't ever fully recover

          Most simply try to cope

       Let's resolve to live in hope.         
          our common goal
 is to live normally functioning lives
          without our pain
 and our memories and our trauma
          intruding into our daily lives.
There is much, much more to recovery from sexual abuse or sexual assult than "just get over it"
  and whilst survivors look for structure and a path to recovery , 
it's complex, it takes time - it needs to be gradual.
it needs to be multi disciplinary.

             I have found it helpful to build a grid  of issues.
       often we make progress in one area   then find another unresolved issue holds us back.
       hence the grid.   issues in the grid are not in any particular order.
        some links are to external sites or services aussiesurvivors has no control over

         We need  HOPE  - hope in God
                                   or as AA put's it - hope in a higher power. 

overcomming our denial
telling our story

  beyond shame   
                                                         unlearning the perpetrator's lies.
                                beyond the pain

                                                                                                                numbing the pain   v's listening to
                                                                                                   the message of the pain
     resolving the unrersolved

    the issues of forgiveness

     renouncing sexual abuse
                                                                                                         recovering from addictions     

         our coping mechanisms at the time of csa 
                                                                                        evaluating our coping mechanisms
                             Recalling and  Evaluating the scripts - from the abuser and our conclusions at the time of csa.                   

resolving the unresolved

                                   trauma release counselling                                               sexual  assult  counselling

                detraumatisation ( Christian Ministry site)

                                                          impact and treatment of csa ( secasa site)

Grid of Issues
                            alternative format of a grid of recovery  from csa issues