Some survivors
are referred to
addiction groups
whilst these
asssist in
breaking addictions
ther generally
are not set up
to address our
underlying shame
and pain.

Do access
survivor services.

I'm not an accredited counsellor,  though I have experience on a Church helpline years ago.
My degree is in sociology and a Diploma in Theology.
but I have been doing recovery for 15 years
I have identified issues and noted issues other survivors have raised
and  did the Google searches to increase my understanding.

     How did we cope after being sexually abused or sexually assulted?

Did we hide our pain?
Did we have trusted adults we could tell?
Did we tell someone who was dismissive?

One question raise for adults I have read about
is that we ought to question the relevance of previous coping mechanisms
some helped us to survive as children
but now are a hinderance.

Have we numbed our pain?
Is it time to carefully, with a counsellor start to process our pain.

a general counsellor may start us on our journey
however we do need sexual assult counselling
and trauma release counselling.

these are the relevant specialist professionals.

Aussie Survivors Homepage  has links to resources.